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Newly Appointed N.I.S.C Major Jayla J. Rodriguez

The Labelle White House and President.Daniel E Santiago Jr Administration is Proudly to announce its newly Appointed.

N.I.S.C. Major.Jayla J. Rodriguez.

Ms.Rodriguez has been with the Labelle White House or 5 years and has Served in the administration has an intern in the S.O.S. office (Secretary of State office) under the President.Santiago Administration where she learned her leadership skills and the importance of giving back to her community. In the S.O.S office she was tasked with E.M.D.T (Emergency Management Development Team) within The Labelle White House to prepare Staff and The Administration as well as their families incase Of an event of emergency. She was later appointed Captain of N.I.S.C by former N.I.S.C Major Matthew Robertson. And work closely with The Santiago Administration to Ensure that the mission of President.Santiago was Execute it in the most productive manner.

A Statement from newly appointed

N.I.S.C Major Jayla J. Rodriguez

"Has NISC Major, I will work closer to Community to insure That the younger Generation under stands the imports of helping one another and to insure that President.Santiago Jr agenda of the NISC Program Is Accomplished"

- N.I.S.C. Major Jayla J. Rodriguez

Note for more information about N.I.S.C go to

Labelle White House

Press Secretary

Mauricio Perez Jr

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