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Happy Holidays

Updated: Feb 23

Happy Holidays from The Labelle White House and President Daniel E. Santiago Jr! President Daniel E. Santiago was so delighted to see Saint Nicholas himself right before the Christmas holiday.

Statement from President Daniel E. Santiago Jr :

   "To my Friends and Family, It's been a long year, full of trials & tribulations, and some may have even lost a loved one this year but we made many great memories together. This Christmas, I just wanted to say Thank you to all of those friends, family members, and supporters who have helped me throughout the year. I was extremely happy to have talked to Santa about all the amazing elves he sent me throughout this year. We also have to thank God himself. I wouldn't have made it here without his protection and everlasting love. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my home to yours"

Love, President. Daniel E. Santiago Jr.

Labelle White House

Press Secretary

Jayla J. Rodriguez

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