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We haven’t seen President Santiago smile in a while due to many events of loved ones passing away. After the death of his late grandmother, Elisa, in September 26 of 2022, one of the only things that brought him joy and comfort in her passing was his “Bacon”. Yes, that’s right “Bacon”! Bacon is an American terrier & he has a lot of personality and energy but when it comes to the President, he is noticed to be very calm and quiet.

A statement from President Daniel E. Santiago Jr:

“Growing up with Bacon was a joyride. He was a goof ball as he was always jumping around from wall to wall at grandmas house. It was funny to see him come to a complete halt when grandma said “Bacon” in her stern voice. Every time she would walk away after that, he would begin to jump around the walls all over again. She’s forever in my heart through him.”

Press Secretary

Jayla J. Rodriguez

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