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"Congratulations N.I.S.C Major.Rodriguez"

The Labelle White House is extremely proud of N.I.S.C Major.Jayla Rodriguez For her handwork in graduating top of her class and has a honor friends in the girls Christian ministry program. Where she has learned many things from leadership skills and becoming of women of God has a leader. The Labelle White House Staff and N.I.S.C command staff is extremely proud of her

A Statement from President.Santiago:

" Here at the office we push everyone to work hard and never give up, Major.Rodriguez, she as always push the envelope in whatever she as done. She graduating top of her class, with honors and a letter from the district director of Girls ministry. All I can say is I am extremely proud of her and happy to have her apart of the team, Congratulations"

- President. Daniel E. SantiagoJr

Labelle White House

Press Secretary

Mauricio Perez

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