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Labelle White House "Beast"

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Later today, President.Daniel E.Santiago Jr and Intern-S.S.T Department Major.Christian Gonzales were in President.Santiago Jr limo (Aka: The Beast). The newest addition to the fleet of vehicles of the Administration and S.S.T Department.

And a Statrment from Intern-S.S.T Major.

Christian Gonzalez " President.Santiago can't be a President without a limo, but on a more serious note This limo will help us as a Department to teach the officers of the Department. The importance of planning ahead for the route. And to be more aware of possible danger zones"

The Labelle White House Beast is S.S.T Department way of transporting the highest member of the administration. From business meetings, to dinner, fundraiser, and so much more. The Beast is a eye catcher, so if you see the Beast honk and wave. Most likely President.Santiago is inside waving back.

Press Secretary

Mauricio Perez Jr

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