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Labelle White House President 

On behalf of The labelle White House President.Daniel E.Santiago Jr and President Secretary/Aid.Alex A Perez were Attending. The final Hendry and Glades' High School High Tech Business Advisory Council Meeting. Has President.Santiago Was one of the Guess Speakers. Statement from President.Santiago " we have to prepare are futher leaders for tomorrow and bring are community together and work together has one for a better future. And has we come together today to discuss future plans we can enjoy some amazing Food" -President.Daniel E.Santiago Jr Seen in the pictures from left to right Top: (Ms. Katherine Broughton -Clewiston-CareerSource/Destination Graduation,President Secretary/Aid.Alex A Perez, President.Daniel E. Santiago Jr) Bottom: (Brandon S.- High school High Tech, Ms.Fernanda GERONIMO-Goodwill Labelle's Joblink Coordinator)

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