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"Oneway Office"

The Labelle White House is a Non-Profit Organization business with a Commander in Chief who's is see to be in recent times a "One-way President"

President Daniel E Santiago Jr At Labelle High School give a presentation
President Daniel E. Santiago Jr

after newly appointed Sports Department Secretary was fire with no response.After been in office 3 months. President Santiago has also been through five S.S.T Department ( Security Department)

Majors with in 2 years when historically they will serve up to 5-10 years. Also to note the Labelle White House has been thur 3 Chief of Staff in the past two years. it seems to us the "Oneway office" is working to his (President Daniel E. Santiago jr) advantage, The organizations net worth has increased from 1.0 million to 2.5 million with in 2 years after Chief of Staff Hernandez (Rebecca Hernandez)

was appointed into office.

Newly Chief Of Staff serving in the Labelle White House
Chief Of Staff Rebecca Hernandez

We are still awaiting a response from The Labelle White House Press Secretary Mauricio Perez after no interm, or newly appointed person was stated to oversee the department. In this weeks Press Release Report

Local News


Kristen Bushition

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