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President Daniel E. Santiago Jr

On behalf of the Labelle White House and President.D Santiago Jr Administration we want to take the time to thank all of you for your Support, 9 years later. And to the man behind the wheel for his services.

A Statement from President.D Santiago Jr

" Many will doubt you, many will say you never complete it, Many will say its to hard to reach, many will say it's just a dream so wake up. But I am here to tell you If you put your mind to it your, heart and soul. And have a Passion for what you want to do. you'll complish your dreams. I was never the smartest kid in school but I had a passion to help those that were Ineed of help. An be the voice for the unspoken. Fight for what I knew was right.And The Labelle White House was born has we celebrated the 9 anniversary I couldn't have done it without all of you and the help of my amazing Team , Family, friends and God that Guides me along the way." -President.Daniel E.Santiago Jr

Labelle White House

Press Secretary

Mauricio Perez

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