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Presidential portrait

The Labelle White House would like to present one of its news pieces of art. A portrait of our beloved President.Daniel E.Santiago Jr. The Labelle White House over the years have acquired many types of art to add to our collection and couldn't be more grateful to add a portrait of President.Santiago to the collection. The portrait was created by Naesa Guajardo who's a small business owner of

(Art by Naesa):

A Statement from Labelle White House President.Daniel E.Santiago jr

" Naesa Guajardo, Out done herself. I am extremely thankful for the portrait and couldn't have a better presidential portrait to add to the amazing art collection of The Labelle White House for years to come. And if anyone is looking for custom art work I highly recommend you contact her. Naesa Amazing work "- President.Daniel E.Santiago Jr

Labelle White House

Press Secretary

Mauricio Perez

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