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Today President.Daniel E. Santiago Jr, Stop to show his support for his community to help bring awareness. And show unity in times of need. As Johnny Navarro stands and waves his flag and bangs his pan to help bring awareness to the Cuban people on the Island of Cuba in need. We ask you to join Johnny Navarro at 6pm every night at the clewstion city park this week.

A Statement from President.Santiago Jr :

" The Cuban people are in need of help and support of us here back at home. For us to call apon those in Washington to get involved and help the Cuban people who have been suffering without food, power, and being pushed around by a Communist government. Enough is enough, I ask for the community’s help in bringing awareness, and let's help Cuba. And I pray that God watches over the Cuban people in this times "

Labelle white house

Press Secretary

Mauricio Perez

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