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The Great Seal Of Labelle White House

The Great Seal of The Labelle White House was designed by former Labelle White House chief of staff Christian Guzman and was approved to become the official Seal of The Labelle White House By President.Daniel E. Santiago Jr. in 2012 The Labelle White House was Honored to have.

''Home Working R&R''

Husband and Wife business carve The Great Seal Out Of wood Here's a little about them and their business

''All our products are CARVED NOT VINYL, STICKERS or SPRAY PAINTED ON. Our CARVED designs are created using many techniques including computers, CNC's, Dremels and lots of paints, stains, sealers. Our carves will not shrink, peel or crack with proper common wood care.''

''We NEVER steal other peoples designs or art and pay out of our own funds for copyright artists and designs if we cannot draw it ourselves.  WE create everything from start to finish right here in our home while including YOU in the process, from design to delivery''

​The Great Seal of The Labelle White House was carved into wood By ''Home Workings R&R'' for The Front Offices And The Labelle White House Podium. and a statement from President.Santiago '' Their work that they do is amazing and they keep you update with the whole process and i recommend them for any wood work needs you'll need they are amazing" - President.Santiago Jr

You can contact them of there website or on facebook at


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