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The Labelle White House President 

On behalf of The labelle White House President.Daniel E.Santiago Jr and President Secretary/Aid.Alex A Perez were Attending. The final Hendry and Glades' High School High Tech Business Advisory Council Meeting. Has President.Santiago Was one of the Guess Speakers. Here's a Statement from (Ms. Katherine Broughton-Clewiston-CareerSource/Destination Graduation. " A Great Idea for us is to clean up are water ways, places were we love to go fishing let's help are Environment" Seen in the pictures from left to right Top: (Ms. Katherine Broughton -Clewiston-CareerSource/Destination Graduation,President Secretary/Aid.Alex A Perez, President.Daniel E. Santiago Jr) Bottom: (Brandon S.- High school High Tech, Ms.Fernanda GERONIMO-Goodwill Labelle's Joblink Coordinator) Labelle White House Press Secretary Mauricio Perez Jr

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